Waterfront Committee Mission Statement

Our mission is to identify areas of the waterfront for inclusion in a Master Plan that can be developed or used more effectively to improve the vitality and financial health of the City of Lake City, residents and businesses.

Committee Chair

Judd Turner

Meeting Time

Last Thursday of the month

2016 Accomplishments

  • Established positive relationship with Marina Management and Board along with other pertinent city departments
  • Review of entire waterfront area
  • Broadened our focus from the Bathhouse area to the entire waterfront
  • Gather and consolidate information and ideas from previous studies
  • Delayed Bathhouse Development until City’s Master Plan Complete

Goals for 2017

  • Identify areas of Waterfront that should be included in the Consultants Review
  • Offer ideas for use and development of targeted areas
  • Identify immediate opportunities for improvement on a smaller scale that can be accomplished by volunteers or city departments

Additional Information